Lately, intellectual property innovation have become priorities for many parts of an organization – from the CEO to R&D. In the past, many Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) systems were designed for patent and trademark administrative staff, but Anaqua, a provider of AIM software and services, now offers a platform for all categories of IP stakeholders.

I recently sat down with Anaqua Inc.’s Chairman and CEO Priya Iyer, who explained, “By creating dedicated, user-configurable work environments for different users, including purpose-built mobile apps and ‘content-aware’ Document Workspaces we’ve entered a new phase of IAM. Companies are able to capture innovation earlier, maximize the IP value chain for their business and become highly competitive.”

In fact, Anaqua recently introduced ANAQUA8, a new release of its flagship ANAQUA Enterprise solution, which goes beyond traditional IP management to deliver 360° IAM with business, market and legal views of a company’s IP assets integrated with automated workflows, internal and external data, workspaces and anywhere mobile access.

“With ANAQUA8 we are entering a major new phase of corporate IAM solutions for the 21st century.” Said Iyer. “We have been collaborating with our client base of IAM leaders to identify and deliver the processes, tools and information they need to maximize the IP value chain for their businesses. We believe ANAQUA8 presents a compelling reason for companies to upgrade their IAM systems sooner rather than later.”

Today, Anaqua provides intellectual asset management services to patent and trademark holders across the globe. Its software helps companies grow company value with an advanced, flexible IAM solution used by more than 20,000 users in over 100 countries to manage more than $500 billion in intellectual assets. Further, the ANAQUA Enterprise IAM solution supports the full IA lifecycle from idea to monetization for all IA categories, including inventions, patents, trade secrets, brands and trademarks.

Iyer explained, “Anaqua has all the features to make it the best docketing solution on the market, but it goes well beyond that to be a true platform for all IP activity within an organization. ANAQUA8 enables users to have Business, Legal & Market Views of their portfolio – allowing them to improve innovation, understand gaps and competition. It empowers all users with flexible workspaces and doesn’t limit work style to a matter centric structure.”

Key ANAQUA8 features include:

  • ANAQUA Anywhere includes purpose-built mobile apps to deliver information to users of Apple and Google Android phones and tablets as well as the existing ability to access the ANAQUA applications from any major browser.
  • ANAQUA Workspaces provide user-configurable work environments for different users: a matter-centric workspace for docketers, a document-centric workspace for attorneys, collaborative workspaces for outside counsel, and project workspaces for R&D and business users.
  • Intelligent IP Document Management. A new “content-aware” Document Workspace supports document creation and upload with versioning, workflows and full text search, independent of but linkable to any IP matter.
  • New Dynamic User Interface. ANAQUA8 uses industry-standard HTML5 technology to deliver a graphical, information-rich, multi-device experience that can be tailored to each user’s needs. 

“There are tools that enable teams to start with a product-first or document-centric view for IP strategy and planning. ANAQUA8 also brings a new level of connectivity and collaboration by introducing  purpose-built mobile apps to deliver key information and status, anytime, anywhere,” she continued.

According to Iyer, over the next decade, IAM processes will be integrated into product Introduction processes, financial KPIs and CXO strategic planning and reporting.  “Corporations, their chosen law firms and other service providers will be seamlessly integrated through common tools and IP systems will provide some of the best insights into corporate competitive strategy,” she said.

IP protection is becoming more important to competitiveness, so companies cannot afford to have weak IP strategies.  Iyer added, “You need tools that allow you empower the entire organization to innovate in a collaborative fashion, thoroughly protect the best innovations so as to provide the organization flexibility to partner, strategically compete, invest and monetize.”

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