The supply chain is a continually evolving entity — changing as customer needs and business demand changes and as new technologies impact the progression of the supply chain. Big data has most recently come to impact the supply chain as more points of data become available and supply chain managers use big data analytics to better pin the pain points of the supply chain. Digital analysis is just one of the ways in which the supply chain is changing to incorporate new elements, and some organizations do this better than others. 

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine has named its list of 100 Great Supply Chain Projects — the 12th list of this kind, done annually. The projects named are ones that keep up with the changing world of the supply chain, and ones that evolve with the demand. The magazine quotes Barry Hochfelder, editor, on some of the criteria needed to get atop such a list: 

“Our goal with this year’s ’100′ is to put the spotlight on successful and innovative transformation projects that are delivering bottom-line value to small, medium and large enterprises across the different functions that comprise the supply chain. The projects featured can serve as a roadmap for supply chain executives looking for new opportunities to drive improvement in their own operations.” 

The magazine focuses on projects that are based on a few points of evaluation including “ambitiousness/scope of the project; creative application of technologies/solutions/services used; extent of the business results/impact; and clarity of submission.”

Among the winners are an array of businesses including ARRIS Group, Avendra, GENCO, Ingram Micro Mobility, IBM, NetSuite,, SYSPRO, UPS, and Yale Materials Handling Corp. (The magazine lists them alphabetically, not by a numerical rank.) These are groups that the magazine has deemed are among the 100 that have shown flexibility in reacting to change, and the best at preparing for the future of the supply chain. And as proper supply chain management is vital from a few standpoints — including ones of corporate social responsibility and compliance — those companies that do well to look ahead and anticipate market changes will remain on top.


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