Today’s law firms need to adopt innovative ways of dealing with processes in order to keep up with the ever-changing environment and keep clients coming back.

In fact, according to Simon Price, managing director of Recommind, “The legal market, and in particular the process of disclosure in litigation cases, continues to evolve at pace. As a result, firms are under increasing pressure to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage e-discovery.” 

Recommind recently released Axcelerate 5, the next generation of the company’s cloud-based e-discovery platform, was rebuilt to create a user-friendly design with ease of use. With 300 new features and enhancements, the software allows visualization of relationships between people and data as well as the ability to analyze emails and attachments.  As the result of a two-year development in close collaboration with practitioners, customers and thought leaders, Axcelerate 5 provides a redesigned interface, new analytics, visualization tools and streamlined, flexible workflows. 

Axcelerate5’s 300 enhancements and new features include Consumer Grade User Experience; Communication Analysis; Next-Generation Viewer; Intelligent Redaction; End-of-Branch Email Analysis and; Interactive Review Dashboards

“With Axcelerate 5, lawyers need no longer be bound by rigid technology processes,” Price said in a statement. “This combination of earlier insights and control brings about a step change in the quality and value of the service firms can offer their clients.”

Axcelerate 5 sets a new standard for review efficiency and early case insight, helping users find the key facts that will make or break their case faster and more reliably. The result is a more intuitive and flexible workflow that enables users to take control of their review process with confidence right from the outset, informing their legal strategy for better outcomes on cases large and small.

In addition, the system streamlines predictive coding – a technology which helps streamline reviews and which many believe will revolutionize document review. Herbert Smith Senior Case Manger Johan Botha said he was passionate about predictive coding, a technology which would see “enormous growth” he said and which would speed up the whole process of document review. 

“Axcelerate 5 sets a new benchmark in eDiscovery,” said Bob Tennant, CEO of Recommind. “It provides the industry’s most interactive, user-centric experience without sacrificing the tremendous power of our pioneering analytics, advanced search and machine learning technology.”

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