Inventergy Inc., an intellectual property acquisition and licensing company, has been busy lately. The company is dedicated to identifying, acquiring and licensing the patented technologies of technology giants. Led by IP industry pioneer Joe Beyers, Inventergy leverages years of experience, market and technology expertise, and industry connections to assist Fortune 500 companies in utilizing innovations to achieve greater returns. 

Recently, the company acquired approximately 500 patent assets from Panasonic Corporation. The portfolio covers key technologies in 3G and 4G communications, a field where Panasonic has been an early technology innovator. 

This transaction marks Inventergy’s second key patent portfolio acquisition in the telecommunications space in six months, and increases the company’s portfolio to more than 660 patents. The portfolio applies to radio access network communications technologies and spans a number of significant market segments including telecom operators, base station equipment vendors, and end-user equipment vendors. 

“This acquisition validates Inventergy’s strategic model of establishing long-term relationships with industry leading Fortune 500 technology companies, helping to unlock the value of their high quality assets, the fruits of their significant investments in research and development, in an above-board and professional manner,” said Joe Beyers, Chairman and CEO of Inventergy, in a statement, “In addition to providing a strong complement to our existing telecommunications patent portfolio, these assets cover key technologies in 3G and 4G communications, an industry in which Panasonic has been an early technology innovator and standards setter.”

This industry continues to grow quickly as users demand more powerful tablets, PCs and other mobile devices from manufacturers  The new IP assets provide geographic coverage in 18 countries where there are more than 80 Telecom Operators handling over 2.5 billion mobile broadband connections.

Beyers continued, “Inventergy remains committed to establishing itself as a market leader within the rapidly changing intellectual property industry. Moving forward we will remain focused on adding high quality, technologically important patent portfolios spanning across the telecommunications and other industries, delivering value to both technology leaders and industry licensees.”

Additionally, Inventergy has recently closed for the full amount of an expanded $7.25 million private placement of its common stock lead by Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd, an international investment bank. Due to market demand, the offering was increased by approximately 80 percent from its original target.

“I believe that this infusion of capital coupled with our unique approach to patent monetization will provide us with a strong competitive advantage within the IP industry,” Beyers said.

James Ahern, Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets at Laidlaw & Company (UK), noted, “These funds bolster its financial strength, supporting Inventergy’s execution of its long-term growth plans. We are proud to have partnered with a world-class management team and look forward to driving additional value as a financial partner.”


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