It seems that the long, drawn-out dispute between Apple and Samsung has finally come to a conclusion that is likely to please the iPhone maker. In a retrial, a federal jury awarded an additional $290 million to Apple, based on Samsung’s infringement on five Apple patents in 13 different devices.

The award is added to the $640 million that Samsung was required to pay as the result of the original trial. This brings the total damages to $930 million, which is fairly close to the $1.05 billion Apple was seeking in the suit.

In the recent retrial, Apple sought $380 million, while Samsung felt that $52 million was a more realistic figure.

“This case has always been about more than patents and money,” an Apple spokeswoman said in a statement. “It has been about innovation and the hard work that goes into inventing products that people love.”

For its part, a Samsung spokesman expressed disappointment. “While we move forward with our post-trial motions and appeals, we will continue to innovate with groundbreaking technologies and great products,” the spokesperson said in a statement. The case is expected to move to an appeals court as the next step in the patent war.

As part of the next step in the process, Apple continues to seek an injunction against 26 different Samsung products.


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