Apple and Samsung have been going at it tooth and nail in the courts, fighting over patents that are at the heart of their smartphone products. Back in October, President Obama upheld an International Trade Commission (ITC) ruling that blocked Samsung from importing or selling devices that infringed upon Apple’s intellectual property. Now, Apple is striving to recoup damages a judge cut from a $1.05 billion jury award in a patent dispute case.

In 2012, a jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages in an intellectual property suit the tech giant brought against Samsung. However, in March 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh found that the original jury overstated damages by using incorrect dates and mistakenly awarded damages that related to utility patents. In the end, nearly $411 million was subtracted from the initial award.

Apple seeks to recoup some of that money, and a new jury will determine what adjustments – if any – will be made to the award. Judge Koh will set out clear guidelines for the jurors, letting them know that they are tasked with determining the amount of damages that Samsung must pay for infringements present in 13 products. Some analysts speculate that Apple will try to get even more money than the initial settlement.

Apple is also in court to fight off claims by a California inventor who claims to hold patents that cover key features of the iPhone.


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