After two years of litigation, Apple won a patent lawsuit case that concerned wireless technology. WiLAN, a patent-assertion entity, sued Apple in 2011, claiming the tech giant had infringed on patents that covered cellular wireless technology, but a Texas jury determined that Apple did not, indeed, infringe.

WiLAN was started in 1992 as a company that developed wireless technology, but in 2006, it transformed its business model into one that involved amassing patents and using them in leverage against large technology firms. This has caused some to label the company as a “patent troll.” 

This case represents the third time WiLAN has sued Apple over patent infringement. In 2007, WiLAN filed a suit over Wi-Fi technology, and in 2010, it filed a separate suit over Bluetooth technology.

“WiLAN is disappointed with the jury’s decision and is currently reviewing its options with trial counsel, McKool Smith,” the company posted in a statement on its website. “WiLAN does not believe previous license agreements signed related to the patents are negatively impacted by this decision.”

Apple is no stranger to patent litigation suits. In recent years, it has the distinction of being the company that has faced the most suits of this variety. Some of these suits involve so-called trolls, but others have brought Apple into conflict with other tech giants, such as Samsung and Google.

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