In our ever-connected world, there is no greater currency than reputation. Social media has given companies an opportunity to engage with consumers in a totally new way, but this new and totally transparent channel of communication also holds unique risks that could potentially damage your brand name when handle poorly.

Making sure that your company’s social media strategy is engaging customers in proactive and genuine way is the first step in using this technology to its potential. Making sure it’s secure is just as important.

What are the risks associated with a lapse in security around your social media handles and accounts? Take for example Burger King’s social media catastrophe in Feb. 2013, when someone hacked into its twitter account and announced that it had been sold to rival McDonald’s. Without adequate focus paid to securing your social media accounts, you could stand to lose not only valuable Internet acumen, but also the personal information of your followers.

Does your company have the tools and policies in place to handle the security risks posed by social media? This session will address key data security methods for your organization that should be implemented now. Experts will address this topic during the session “Effective Brand Management & Risk Mitigation in the Use of Social Media” at the Women Influence and Power in Law Conference on Oct. 4.

Speakers include: Adrienne Logan, vice president and associate general counsel and assistant secretary of Godiva Chocolatier Inc.; Tori Silas, counsel at Cox Enterprises, Inc.; and Moustafa Badreldin, business affairs specialist at Mediacom. Anita Wallace Thomas, a partner at Nelson Mullins Riley and Scarborough LLP, will moderate the session.