Two giants of television have settled their differences over the similarities in their two shows.

CBS had long been concerned that ABC’s reality show “The Glass House” was uncannily like its own show “Big Brother.”  Compounding this concern was the fact that staff who had formerly worked on “Big Brother”  at CBS had since moved to ABC. “The Glass House” was only on TV for a brief time last summer, and when it performed poorly, CBS dropped the suit, though I guess it didn’t take.

Despite the show getting canceled, the legal battle carried on until now, when the two networks struck up a deal through arbitration, Variety reports. The agreement includes unspecified financial compensation from ABC to CBS.

“The producers have admitted that one of them used confidential ‘Big Brother’ manuals in the production of ‘The Glass House,’ and they have expressed regret for using this material,” CBS said in a statement. “In addition, those involved have pledged not to misappropriate CBS trade secrets in the future.”

ABC did not offer comment to Variety.


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