You can’t go anywhere without hearing Robin Thicke’s summer jam “Blurred Lines,”  including, now, court.

See, there are two different parties threatening to sue Thicke and his “Blurred Lines”  cohorts, Pharrell and T.I., for allegedly ripping off other songs. Although, as we all know, many pop songs share a lot of similar qualities.

Marvin Gaye’s family is accusing Thicke & Co. of coming a little too close to Gaye’s song “Got to Give It Up,”  and Bridgeport Music thinks that “Blurred Lines” more resembles Funkadelic’s song “Sexy Ways.” (However, George Clinton of Funkadelic recently tweeted that he doesn’t hear anything incriminating in “Blurred Lines.”)

Hoping to nip all this comparing in the bud, the “Blurred Lines” team have filed for declaratory judgment in court, to prevent these threats from becoming real life lawsuits.

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