Photo courtesy of Neil Hall/University of Law
Photo courtesy of Neil Hall/University of Law

When most American teenagers are 18 years old, they’re worried about finishing college applications or trying to find a date to prom. And then there is 18-year-old Gabrielle Turnquest, who recently became the youngest person called to the Bar of England and Wales.

Everybody, we have a new winner for “Most useful teenage years.”

The teenager, originally from Windermere, Fla., last month became the youngest person to qualify as a barrister in England’s 600-year history of the profession. According to The Guardian, she wasn’t aware she was making history.

“I am honored to be the youngest person to pass the Bar exams but, really, I was not aware at the time what the average age was,” Turnquest told The Guardian. “I didn’t fully realize the impact of it.”

The average age for an aspiring lawyer to undertake the English Bar Professional Training Course is 27. Turnquest took the course with her 22-year-old sister, Kandi.

Turnquest may have passed the course, but practicing law in England does not seem to be her long-term goal. Next, she says, she plans to return to America to qualify as a lawyer. Her English success also means she is qualified to practice law in the Bahamas, the country of her parents, and she hopes to work there as well. Her goal is to eventually become a fashion law specialist.

Breaking records is nothing new for Turnquest. At the age of 16, she became the youngest person to gain an undergraduate degree in psychology from Liberty University in Virginia.


For more about Gabrielle Turnquest, The Guardian caught up with her again earlier this week.

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