On Friday, the International Trade Commission (ITC) made Apple Inc. very happy when it issued a ban on some Samsung Electronics Co. products that it found infringed on two Apple patents—one having to do with finger swiping, and the other with headphone jacks.

The ITC didn’t specify exactly which products the ban covers, but Samsung was quick to reply.

“We have already taken measures to ensure that all of our products will continue to be available in the United States,” a spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. The company has apparently made changes to its design to remove the infringing features from its devices.

The Obama administration has 60 days to decide if the ban will actually take effect, but there are some snags in the situation. The administration recently vetoed an ITC ruling in favor of Samsung that would have banned the sale of some Apple products in the U.S. Choosing to let this ban stand could give the impression of favoring domestic companies like Apple over the South Korea-based Samsung.


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