Singer Rihanna is known for her fashion sense, but it’s safe to say she won’t be wearing a Topshop T-shirt bearing her face on it.

The British clothing chain originally branded the shirts as the “Rihanna Tank,” before changing the name to “Headscarf Girl Tank” and “Icon Tank” in response to complaints from the singer. The tops feature a photograph of Rihanna that a freelance photographer reportedly took on the set of her “We Found Love” music video, albeit without her permission.

The pop star claims that Topshop is trying to pass the shirt off as having her approval, which could damage her reputation once fans realize that the shirts do not have an “emotional connection to their heroine.”

The singer could have an uphill battle, however, considering that the shirt was never sold in the U.S., which has stronger protections for personality rights than the U.K. Topshop says that Rihanna is operating on the false premise that “only a celebrity or her successors may ever market, or license the marketing, of her own character,” the Huffington Post reports.

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