Exelon Corp. has won the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Pro Bono Publico Award for outstanding volunteer legal services.

The Chicago-based energy company, which launched its pro bono program back in 2002, is the first in-house legal department to receive the award in a decade.

“We recognize that Exelon can only be as successful as the communities it serves, and there is significant need within those communities for better access to legal services,” said Darryl Bradford, general counsel of Exelon. “That’s why we encourage our attorneys, non-lawyer employees and outside counsel alike to support pro bono projects that improve quality of life for our customers and communities.”

The company’s employees have worked on projects that help homeless individuals get birth certificates; teach students about the legal profession; help the elderly to formulate end-of-life documents; and aid refugees seeking lawful permanent resident status. The company also sponsors the Chicago Bar Association’s Outstanding Corporate Counsel Award, which honors an in-house attorney who performs pro bono work.

To promote participation among attorneys and non-lawyers alike, Exelon has set a department goal for pro bono hours and takes pro bono activities into account when evaluating outside counsel.

Exelon—along with fellow award recipients Jeffrey Trachtman, Patricia Lee, Bruce B. Blackwell and the law firm Leonard, Street and Deinard—will be honored at an Aug. 12 luncheon.

Read more about the 2013 Pro Bono Publico Award recipients here.

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