Law school grads are still facing a tough job market, according to the National Association for Placement’s new employment report.

The report collected data from the class of 2012 in mid-February, about nine months after the grads left their alma maters. Findings show that the unemployment rate among these grads is 12.8 percent—a 0.7 percent increase from unemployment stats for the class of 2011. The employment rate among the 2012 grads is 84.7 percent—and that figure hasn’t been so low since 1994.

But the news isn’t all bad. Just more than 58 percent of grads have full-time jobs requiring bar passage, and they’ve held these jobs for more than a year. That’s almost a 2 percent jump from last year. Additionally, the national median salary among new grads is $61,245, more than $1,000 more than last year.


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