A flight attendant who was onboard a 2010 Qantas Airways flight on which an engine exploded is suing the engine’s manufacturer, Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc, claiming psychological damage.

The explosion occurred on Nov. 4, 2010, when a Qantas A380 plane took off from Singapore. The engine’s casing blew off and spread shrapnel through the plane’s wing and fuselage. No one on board was injured, but Qantas did ground all of its Airbus SAS superjumbo planes for several weeks.

On Feb. 6, flight attendant Sandy Lam filed a lawsuit against Rolls-Royce in Sydney, seeking unspecified economic and non-economic damages on behalf of everyone onboard the plane. But according to the New South Wales Supreme Court, Rolls-Royce has yet to file a statement of defense, Bloomberg reports.

Qantas previously won $95 million Australian dollars ($88 million) from Rolls-Royce over the incident, which cost the company at least $242 million.


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