A Spanish open-source software group is hoping that the European Union will stand up to big, bad Microsoft—again.

Just a few weeks ago, the EU’s antitrust authority, the European Commission (EC), slapped Microsoft Corp. with a hefty fine for failing to allow users a choice of web browser on some of its computers, forcing purchasers to surf the web with its own Internet Explorer.

Now Hispalinux, a Spanish association representing Linux operating system users, has complained to the EC that Microsoft is limiting users’ choice in another way—by making it difficult for users to change operating systems on its computers. The group claims that Windows 8 has an “obstruction mechanism” that means users are forced to get special keys from Microsoft if they want to boot up a different operating system.

“[Windows 8 is] a de facto technological jail for computer booting systems … making Microsoft’s Windows platform less neutral than ever,” Hispalinux said in the complaint.

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