Parents: Brace yourselves for some nasty news that might make you think twice about letting your toddler frolic around fast-food restaurant play areas.

Last week, a mother filed a complaint against McDonald’s Corp. claiming her two-year-old son found and ate a used condom in the PlayPlace area at a Chicago McDonald’s restaurant. According to Anishi Spencer’s suit, she took her sons Jonathan and Jacquel Hines to a South Side McDonald’s in February 2012 where Jacquel picked up a used condom off the floor, ingested it and later coughed up a piece of it.

Spencer is accusing McDonald’s of negligence for failing to monitor and clean up its play areas. She seeks at least $50,000 in damages. Her lawyer told Reuters that he tried to settle with McDonald’s but was unable to do so after dealing with “layers and layers” of bureaucracy at the company.

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