Two words, six letters, one big lawsuit.

Village Voice Media Holdings (VVMH) has taken umbrage at review website Yelp’s use of the phrase “best of.” The media company, which publishes several alternative weeklies in cities across the U.S., uses the phrase in its publications in reference to local eateries and other businesses.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Arizona federal court, VVMH claims Yelp’s use of the phrase in conjunction with several cities violates its trademarks, including “Best of Seattle,” “Best of Dallas” and “Best of Denver.”

The company claims to have contacted Yelp in September, telling it to stop using the words “best of,” but Yelp refused. VVMH argues in its lawsuit that it would be “irreparably harmed by Yelp’s unauthorized use of the registered marks.” It is seeking damages and a court order barring Yelp from saying “best of.”

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