The Supreme Court justices braved the storm on Monday, but even Lady Justice is no match for Hurricane Sandy.

Every other federal court in Washington D.C. closed Monday, allowing judges and lawyers alike to stay home and hunker down, but the high court stayed strong until today, when it closed its shutters against the storm.

According to the Supreme Court’s website, oral arguments that were scheduled for today will now be heard on Thursday, when court will convene at 10 a.m. So far, the court still plans to hear arguments tomorrow, but if anything changes, it will post updates on the website.

You might think that staying home during a hurricane is a no-brainer, but as the Wall Street Journal points out, the Supreme Court is notorious for remaining open during inclement weather. In Jeffrey Toobin’s book “The Nine,” he describes the justices’ efforts to get to court after a 1996 snowstorm that left almost two feet of snow on the nation’s capital. The court sent cars to pick up the justices, but Justice David Souter drove his own car, got stuck in a snow bank and had to be rescued by Supreme Court police.


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