At least some of the plaintiffs going after Carnival Corp. over a  cruise ship disaster in Italy earlier this year are going to have to head across the Atlantic to pursue legal action.

Today, a judge in Florida dismissed the suit against Carnival Corp. brought by nearly 1,000 Italian businesses over the fatal cruise ship crash earlier this year. The crash, which involved Carnival’s Costa Concordia ship on Jan. 13, left 32 passengers and crew members dead. U.S. District Judge Robin Rosebaum said the case should be heard in Italy because the contracts written into the ship’s tickets state that lawsuits must be brought there.

Judge Rosebaum’s decision, however, does not include the suits that have been filed in the U.S. on behalf of hundreds of the ill-fated ship’s passengers. Those cases are still pending and motions have been filed to consolidate them under one judge.

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