If you’ve ever looked at those long-lasting lipstick ads with suspicion, you aren’t alone.

Three women have filed suit against French cosmetic maker Maybelline LLC, claiming that the company’s advertised 14-hour and 10-hour lip products don’t live up to expectations. In fact, Carol Leebove, Wanda Santa and Denise Santiago say in their suit that the lipstick and lip gloss doesn’t last any longer than a few hours.

The women claim in their suit that Maybelline engaged in false advertising. According to the suit, the company misled consumers by claiming the gloss “stays vibrant and shiny, yet transparent, and won’t fade” and the lipstick boasts “super staying power.”

The suit seeks class action status and alleges breach of warranty and violations of consumer protection laws.

Read more about this case on Thomson Reuters and the New York Post.

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