When ABC announced earlier this year that it would be premiering a new show about a bunch of people living together in a house, competing in various, ridiculous ways to stay in the house, CBS wasn’t happy. ABC’s new show, called “The Glass House,” sounded an awful lot like CBS’s successful “Big Brother,” so it filed suit, claiming copyright infringement.

But last week, amid reports of low ratings for “The Glass House,” CBS dropped its suit against ABC. During the week of Aug. 12, ABC’s show ranked 87th among broadcast TV shows by number of viewers, while CBS’s “Big Brother” had three episodes raking in the top 15, according to Nielsen reports.

In addition to the two shows’ similarities, “The Glass House” also employed 19 former producers and staff from “Big Brother,” which first aired in 2000. Apparently, that no longer matters to ABC.

“Viewers have spoken and delivered the ultimate form of justice against ‘The Glass House,’” CBS said in a statement.