It’s no secret that Avon Products Inc. has been going through some rough times lately, with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations left and right. So you can hardly blame their general counsel and chief compliance officer, Kim Rucker, for leaving.

Rucker is heading to Kraft Foods Group Inc., where she will be the general counsel and corporate secretary when the company is launched as a spinoff of Kraft Foods Inc. later this year.  She will also fill the role of executive vice president of corporate and legal affairs for Kraft Foods North America.

“Kim’s extensive experience providing strong strategic and legal counsel to boards of directors, CEOs and executive teams of large public companies will be invaluable as we become a stand-alone entity,” Tony Vernon, Kraft Food Groups’ future CEO, said in a statement.

Rucker will remain in her position at Avon until Aug. 17. The company is going to search externally for a new GC, so if you know anyone who’s up for a challenge…


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