The clock is ticking, and creditors are anxiously awaiting the moment when the checks arrive in the mail from defunct New York law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf. But first, the firm needs to call in all of its unpaid bills.

While everyone continues to watch with morbid fascination as the firm goes through its final death throes, perhaps the latest item of intrigue happens to be a list of Dewey’s 50 largest account debtors. And the variety is particularly noteworthy, with debtors ranging from governments, banks, insurance companies, a bankrupt Major League Baseball team and scores of others.

The list comes from an affidavit filed last Thursday by Brown Rudnick Partner Edward Weisfelner, who represents the committee of Dewey’s unsecured creditors and is seeking judicial approval to continue that representation.

The list includes:

  1. ACS Infrastructure Development
  3. Ambac Assurance Crop.
  4. Ambac Financial Group Inc.
  5. American Airlines Inc.
  6. Arab Bank plc
  7. Assured Guaranty Corp.
  8. BMP Paribas-Scotia-Dexia
  9. Brantley Partners
  10. Central European Distribution Corp.
  11. CME Development Corp.
  12. CNPC International Ltd.
  13. Conseco Life Insurance Co.
  14. Credit Agricole CIB
  15. Dell Inc.
  16. Entrex
  17. Equatorial Guinea
  18. Fougera Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  19. General Electric Asset Management
  20. General Electric Capital Corp.
  21. Genomma Lab International
  22. Government of Ghana
  23. Illumina Inc.
  24. Imperial Holdings Inc.
  25. JPMorgan Capital Corp.
  26. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  27. kRoad Ventures LLP
  28. Law Debenture Trust Company of New York
  29. Lloyd’s GC
  30. Los Angeles Dodgers LLC
  31. Lower Manhattan Development Corp.
  32. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
  33. Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.
  34. NewPage Corp.
  35. Omnicare Inc.
  36. Republic of Georgia
  37. Rusenergo Fund
  38. Saudi Food & Drug Authority
  39. SM Investors
  40. Sony Corporation of America
  41. Statutory Creditors Committee of MF Global Holdings Inc.
  42. Talbots Inc.
  43. The Moinian Group
  44. U.S. Bank National Association
  45. Uz-Kor Gas Chemical LLC
  46. Venture Capital Fund of America III Inc.
  47. Vestas – American Wind Technology Inc.
  48. Volta River Authority
  49. Westport Capital Partners LLC
  50. Wilson, Joel R.

The list of debtors cropped up just days after Dewey’s former partners had a conference call with the firm’s bankruptcy advisers and the two partners left overseeing the wind down regarding the progress of a clawback settlement. The plan seeks to settle all remaining claims from more than 5,000 creditors in the next two weeks.

The expedited settlement timetable is intended to secure an agreement prior to the end of July, when a six-week plan to fund the bankruptcy process using lenders’ cash collateral expires.

As part of the plan, partners who agree to the settlement may be released from any future claims by Dewey’s estate and creditors, as well as from other partners. The intent of the latter clause is to promote participation from some of Dewey’s former rainmakers, many of whom had lucrative compensation packages or were in prominent positions within the firm and could be in the crosshairs of angry partners who blame them for the firm’s failure.

Dewey’s bankruptcy team did not indicate a total settlement number or any detailed figures on how much individual partners would be asked to ante up.

The firm finally announced that it had filed for bankruptcy on May 28 after months of assertions to the contrary.

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