Last month we featured a slideshow of 10 helpful legal apps, mostly for the iPhone. But don’t worry Android users–we’ve got you covered. Here are our picks of 10 droid apps that will make your life easier.

DroidLaw (free)

The DroidLaw family of apps gives lawyers easy access to key federal and state laws and regulations. The legal reference app includes the U.S. Constitution, and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence, Appellate Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Bankruptcy Procedure. Users can bookmark relevant text, limit searching to specific chapters and titles and add notes as needed.

For an additional fee, users also can purchase add-ons, including Supreme Court cases, state laws and the U.S. Code.

Quickoffice Pro ($14.99)

With Quickoffice Pro, you can go to the office without ever leaving home. This comprehensive app lets users edit and spell check documents, update Excel spreadsheets, work on PowerPoint presentations, edit and annotate PDFs, create numbered lists and tables and more.

Users also can easily access files from sites such as Google Docs, Evernote and Dropbox, and then share those files using social media, email and cloud services.

The Law Guide & Dictionary (free)

The Law Guide & Dictionary is exactly what it sounds like: an extensive compilation of hundreds of law guides and more than 8,500 legal definitions. Users also can interact with other law junkies in the app’s legal forums and upload their rsumés to search for law jobs.

Dragon Go! (free)

If the Siri ads have you lamenting your linguiça-free existence, don’t worry: You too can have a virtual assistant at your beck and call with Dragon Go!. What the app loses in personality (it doesn’t talk back to users) it makes up for with intuitiveness.

Rather than simply using a search engine to find information, Dragon Go! takes you directly to the most relevant websites. Ask about movie times, and the app will pull up Fandango; search for restaurant reservations and it brings you directly to Yelp.

ezPDF Reader ($1.99)

ezPDF Reader is an easy, intuitive way to read and edit PDFs on the go. With it, you can sign and email forms; annotate documents using text boxes, sticky notes and freehand drawings; and play video and audio embedded in PDFs.

Lawyers Calendar Buddy Pro ($2.69)

Lawyers Calendar Buddy Pro ensures that you’ll be on time for every meeting and court appearance. This easy-to-use app lets users add events to a personalized calendar, calculate a target date using a start date and view all events between two given dates.

Congress (free)

If you want to keep up with all the progress that our government is—or isn’t—making lately, the Congress app is for you. Advertised as a “pocket Congress” the app allows you to search for upcoming bills and committee meetings, look up daily schedules of the House and Senate, view individual members’ voting records and even access tweets and YouTube videos on members’ accounts.

PocketJustice (basic version: free, full version: $4.99)

The legislative branch isn’t the only one with an app—the judicial branch also is getting in on the action with PocketJustice, a handy guide to the Supreme Court. The free version furnishes users with biographies of all 112 justices, break-downs of the voting in the top 100 Supreme Court cases and audio recordings of many oral arguments and opinions.

For $4.99, the full version includes all 600 constitutional law cases argued before the court, along with more than 300 hours of audio.

CallTrack (free)

CallTrack is a foolproof way to track billable hours. Simply select what type of calls to track (incoming, outgoing or missed), and the app will log them to your Google calendar for easy review. You can even retroactively log calls by dumping your current call log into your calendar.

Google Reader (free)

The tried and true Google Reader app lets you easily track your favorite websites and blogs in one location, and then share interesting articles with family and friends. Better yet, the Android app syncs with the web version so you’ll always have the latest version of your RSS feed.