The widespread salmonella outbreak that has affected 141 people across 20 states spawned its first lawsuit last week. The epidemic is allegedly linked to sushi made from raw, ground yellowfin tuna, which was recalled by seafood importer Moon Marine U.S.A. Corp.

However, some restaurants that sell Moon Marine tuna rolls may not be aware that the fish was recalled, MSNBC reports. That may have been the case in this lawsuit, filed by two Wisconsin women who fell ill after eating tuna rolls at a local restaurant.

They are still recovering from salmonella poisoning, which they contracted between six and nine weeks ago.

Experts are still working to determine if it was in fact the Moon Marine tuna that is causing the outbreak. Tests show that all 141 people got sick with the same type of salmonella—salmonella bareilly. Eighty percent of those who fell ill reported having eaten spicy tuna rolls before symptoms set in.