A Jewish group that manages kosher food certification is upset with a Maine milk company that had the chutzpah to use official certification marks without authorization.

Yesterday, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America sued Maine’s Own Organic Milk Co., also known as MOOMilk, which has been using the group’s official OU-certified kosher marks on its products for years without permission.

According to the lawsuit, the Union learned in June 2010 that MOOMilk was selling milk that featured the OU mark on its packaging without authorization. The group contacted the company and asked it to stop using the mark. Six months later, the Union inspected the company’s facilities and sent paperwork for certification. But the Union claims the company was upset about the certification cost and didn’t pay, instead using the OU marks on its milk cartons without approval.

The Union seeks an injunction to block the sale of MOOMilk’s kosher-marked products and an accounting of past sales and damages.