Microsoft is heading for the hills, fleeing Germany for fear of what an upcoming court ruling may do to its business. Microsoft’s European logistics operations are moving from Germany to the Netherlands, making it the first large technology company to move out of Europe’s biggest economy.

The reason for the move is a legal dispute between Microsoft and Motorola Mobility, the Wall Street Journal reports. Motorola Mobility, which Google is purchasing, sued Microsoft over the alleged infringement of several video patents. A court in Mannheim, Germany, is expected to give a ruling in two weeks.

Microsoft asked a U.S. court last week for a restraining order that would allow it to continue selling Xbox 360s, Windows software and other products that use the disputed video patents in Germany, in the event that the ruling does not come out in its favor. It would seem, though, since the company is shipping out of Germany, that it would rather be safe than sorry.