It’s no secret—mobile technology already has taken root in not just the legal world, but pretty much every profession. InsideCounsel reported on the use of mobile technology in December 2011, noting that while adoption of the technology is relatively high and rapidly growing, its use for business purposes beyond light email was limited due to security concerns.

To this end, Microsystems, a suburban Chicago-based solutions provider, yesterday released a paper, “Legal iPad Adoption and the Associated Risks,” which details the risks associated with mobile device integration that may affect client service and expose organizations to unwanted content loss, document corruption and metadata disclosure.

The paper also goes into detail about organizations’ security vulnerability as a result of greater mobile technology use, as well as how iPad usage can sometimes result in damaging documents, and offers suggestions for how iPad users can mitigate this problem.

Additionally, the paper offers five tips on how to minimize the risks associated with mobile workflows:

  1. Incorporate the appropriate infrastructure and establish new policies and procedures
  2. Recommend Documents To Go Premium
  3. Incorporate workflows or procedures to remedy damaged documents
  4. Learn to identify documents edited on the iPad
  5. Ensure metadata coverage

For more information, read “Legal iPad Adoption and the Associated Risks” on Microsystems’ website.