The floodgates have opened on the unpaid intern debate, and now the lowly workers who are sometimes tasked with bringing you your coffee are growing bolder and ever more litigious.

Publishing giant Hearst Corp. and Fox Searchlight (the production company for the movie “Black Swan”) have already been hit with lawsuits. Now, Charlie Rose joins their ranks.

Lucy Bickerton, a former editorial intern for Rose’s nightly PBS talk show, filed suit on Wednesday, claiming that she worked 25 hours a week for the show, received no training and was not paid any wages. The suit also alleges that the show relies heavily on around 10 unpaid interns due to its low budget.

Bickerton sued both the production company and Rose himself, seeking class action status and unpaid wages for all unpaid interns who worked on the talk show from March 14, 2006, to the present.

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