Apple is on the warpath, and companies that know what’s good for them will either gird their loins or run for the hills. Even bankruptcy cannot save you from Apple’s wrath: It asked a bankruptcy judge on Tuesday for permission to sue famously insolvent photography company Eastman Kodak Co. over allegedly infringing patents for printers, cameras and digital picture frames.

In the filing at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York, Apple said it intends to file a complaint against Kodak at the International Trade Commission, as well as a lawsuit in Manhattan District Court. The suit will seek to block Kodak’s infringement, a move reminiscent of its attempt to ban the sale of Samsung phones in another patent dispute.

Although Apple claims that bankruptcy law doesn’t prevent it from filing an infringement suit against Kodak, it is just covering all its bases. “Apple requests express authority from this court before it initiates the actions out of an abundance of caution,” the filing reads.

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