Social Situation

LexisNexis and Martindale-Hubbell released a study on Dec. 12 analyzing law firms’ use of social media. They found that while many law firms use at least one kind of social media, most of them don’t use it effectively.

32% Law firms on Twitter

9% Law firms on Twitter that interact with their followers

77% Law firms on LinkedIn

32% Law firms on LinkedIn who own a group

29% Law firms on Facebook

66% Law firms on Facebook with 100 fans or less

Workplace Woes

The results of Labaton Sucharow’s Ethics and Action survey, released on Dec. 11, gave significant insight into workplace wrongdoing and employee’s attitudes toward it.

34% Employees who witnessed or had firsthand knowledge of workplace wrongdoing

78% Employees who said they would report wrongdoing if they could do it anonymously for a monetary reward

68% Employees who were unaware of the SEC’s Whistleblower Program

Legal Labor

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its preliminary employment report on Dec. 2, and while overall unemployment fell, and the legal sector did gain jobs, the growth was small—100 jobs, to be exact.

0.1% Increase in legal jobs between October and November 2011

0.4% Decrease in overall unemployment between October and November 2011

-0.3% Percent change in legal jobs between November 2010 and November 2011

Clamoring for Collaboration

A poll by Deloitte LLP released Dec. 6 looked at the effect market volatility has had on C-Suite collaboration and found that companies need a lot more collaboration between general counsels (GCs) and chief financial officers (CFOs).

41% Respondents who said their company’s CFO-GC collaboration is high

25% Respondents who said their company’s CFO-GC collaboration is occasional

3% Respondents who said their company’s CFO-GC collaboration is completely absent

27% Respondents who said hard economic times require the most collaboration

34% Respondents who said all markets require high collaboration

Dwindling Dames

The sixth annual National Survey on the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms, which looks at women’s professional progress in America’s top 200 law firms, doesn’t give lady lawyers a lot to smile about.

55% Non-partner track staff attorneys that are women

15% Equity partners that are women

80% Fixed-income equity partners that are women (meaning they contribute capital, but do not share in the firm’s profits)

11% Law firms with no women on their highest governing committee