The Department of Justice (DOJ) last week issued its list of top management and performance challenges for 2011. Compiled by the Office of the Inspector General, the annual list is required to be included in the DOJ’s annual Performance and Accountability Report.

The report, which has been compiled and disseminated since 1998, is intended to help DOJ managers better address the issues listed.

Despite the DOJ saying that the challenges aren’t ranked in order of priority, since 2001, the DOJ has listed counterterrorism as its greatest challenge. The No.2 challenge, “Implementing Cost Savings and Efficiencies,” also may be of some interest to businesses, as the DOJ continues to look at streamlining its efforts across all of its programs, cut costs and wisely manage its resources.

“We wish to emphasize that all 10 challenges are critical, and many are closely related to each other,” Acting Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar wrote in a memorandum. “For example, we believe that the challenges of combating terrorism, enforcing criminal law, and managing detention and incarceration cannot be addressed in isolation, but rather must take into account the challenge of protecting civil rights and civil liberties.”

Below is the DOJ’s list of top challenges for 2011 (click on the individual challenges to read the DOJ’s:

  1. Counterterrorism
  2. Implementing Cost Savings and Efficiencies
  3. Southwest Border Security Issues
  4. Protecting Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Information Technology Systems Planning, Implementation, and Security
  6. Criminal Law Enforcement
  7. Restoring Confidence in the Department
  8. Financial Enforcement
  9. Detention and Incarceration
  10. Grants and Contract Management

For greater analysis on the DOJ’s list, read the Wall Street Journal.