The White House announced on Tuesday that is may veto a proposal to overturn the government’s highly controversial net neutrality regulations, which are set to go into effect Nov. 20.

The rules, which the Federal communications Commission (FCC) passed in December 2010, were published in the Federal Register on Sept. 23. In its final rules, the FCC included three basic protections: transparency, no blocking and no unreasonable discrimination.

Some conservatives believe the rules are just another example of the Obama administration’s anti-business agenda.

“[The Internet] has been the cradle of innovation, it does not have a problem, and it does not need fixing,” Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Texas) said on Tuesday. “More regulation of the Internet is going to stop the investments, it’s going to stop the creativity—and put our businesses and our providers at a competitive disadvantage with Europeans and others that have kept their Internet free of over-regulation.”

Obama’s threat to veto the proposal to overturn the rules makes it more difficult for a vote, scheduled for tomorrow, to succeed.