The Associated Press and the artist who created the Barack Obama “HOPE” image have agreed to settle their copyright infringement claims against each other in a deal that calls for them to work together on future projects involving the news agency’s pictures.

Both sides announced the agreement in a joint release Wednesday, ending a fight that began after Shepard Fairey’s art based on a 2006 AP photograph became an iconic image in Obama’s presidential campaign.

Fairey sued the AP in 2009, seeking a court declaration that he did not violate AP’s copyrights with the Obama image. The AP countersued, saying he did through his uncredited, uncompensated use of its picture.

As part of the deal, Fairey agreed to not use another AP photograph in his work without obtaining a license from the news cooperative. The two sides also reached a financial settlement; terms weren’t disclosed.

The release said neither side surrenders its view of the legal issues surrounding the dispute. The deal also calls for both sides to work together with the “HOPE” image and share rights to make posters and merchandise based on it.

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