Uniloc, a software company specializing in physical device recognition anti-fraud technology, has filed a patent infringement suit against a several technology and software companies including Sony, McAfee and Quark. The patent in question covers a system for software registration that Uniloc says the defendants have violated with popular programs such as Sony’s DADC SecuROM, McAfee Total Protection and Quark Copy Desk.

California-based Uniloc filed the suit in US District Court in the Eastern Division of Texas and claims the acts of infringement caused it both “reparable and irreparable damages.”

Uniloc CEO Brad Davis said that, “especially when it’s carried out by ‘Captains of Industry,’” such patent infringements can kill small businesses and the company plans to defend its patents “aggressively” when violations occur.

This is not the first time Uniloc has aggressively gone after an industry leader. In 2003, the company filed a similar suit against Microsoft over infringement s related to Windows XP and Microsoft Office. Though Uniloc scored a victory in April 2009 when a jury awarded it $388 million in damages, a federal judge overturned the verdict in September 2009 and appeals are ongoing.