VirnetX Holding Corp’s lawsuit against Microsoft Corp., for two counts of patent infringement, came to a close yesterday with the court’s ruling in favor of VirnetX for a $105.8 million win. According to VirnetX lawyers the total amount covered both infringements, with $71.75 million going to one patent, and $34 million going toward the other.

The suit, VirnetX Inc. v. Microsoft Corp., was filed in 2007, and VirnetX was seeking $242 million for patent infringement. Also VirnetX asked the judge to block Microsoft from using this invention in the future. The patent was to start private viral networks with a domain-name service. The networks ensured that employees working from home could log onto their company’s Web site securely and customers shopping online could enter their information on secure lines.

The patent originated from work that SAIC Inc. did for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). SAIC then transferred patents to VirnetX in exchange for royalties.

Microsoft stated that it disagrees with the verdict and plans to appeal the decision. The company also said it respects the ideas of others and does not believe it has violated anyone’s patent rights because it came up with a successful way of securing communication before VirnetX’s product was released.

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