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Dewey & LeBoeuf former chair Steven Davis, former executive director Stephen DiCarmine and former chief financial officer Joel Sanders together face more than 50 criminal charges, including grand larceny, scheming to defraud, falsifying business records and conspiracy in the lead-up to the 1,400-lawyer firm’s downfall in May 2012. All have pleaded not guilty.

Dewey Trial Day 69: Jury Watch Continues as Defense Splits on Endgame
The judge presiding over the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial received different answers when he asked lawyers in the case about giving undecided jurors yet another nudge.

Dewey Trial Day 68: Mistrial Looms as Jury Fights Deadlock
Jurors in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial stuck it out for one more day of deliberations Wednesday, even as the months-long case threatened to end in a mistrial.

Dewey Trial Day 67: Dewey & LeBoeuf Execs Dodge More Charges Amid Jury Confusion
The defendants evaded a handful of additional charges in the second partial verdict by a weary Manhattan jury.

Dewey Trial Day 66: Jury Deliberations Grind On
Two days after reaching a partial verdict that acquitted three Dewey & LeBoeuf executives on dozens of criminal counts, a Manhattan jury ended its 16th full day of deliberations without any final resolution in the drawn-out case.

Dewey Trial Day 65: Jury Keeps Quiet After Partial Verdict
After throwing out part of the criminal case against Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders on Wednesday and getting a jolt from the judge, the jury went home Thursday without a peep.

Round One Goes to Dewey & LeBoeuf Defendants
In the white-collar defense bar, the feeling was awfully bullish for Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders after Wednesday’s partial verdict.

Dewey Trial Day 64: Jury Reaches Partial Verdict in Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial
A New York jury has found three former leaders of Dewey & LeBoeuf not guilty on some falsifying business records charges. A judge in the case has issued an Allen charge to the jury in an effort to help them reach a verdict on the remaining criminal counts.

Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial Takes a Physical Toll
Dizzy jurors. Muscle spasms. Defense lawyers and prosecutors falling down left and right. Just an average couple of weeks in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial.

Dewey Trial Day 63: Jury Deadlocked in Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial
On their 13th day of deliberations, jurors in the criminal case against three former leaders of Dewey & LeBoeuf told a judge that they’re unable to agree on a majority of the charges against the defendants.

Dewey Trial Day 62: Jurors Seek More Witness Testimony
Jurors in the criminal case against three former Dewey & LeBoeuf leaders considered Monday a key witness’ testimony relating to accounting adjustments at the now-defunct Am Law 100 firm.

Dewey Trial Day 61: Ahead of Hurricane, Jury Soldiers On
The judge in the criminal case of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives will not ask a jury whether they’ve reached a partial verdict in the nearly four-month trial, though he raised the possibility of doing so.

Dewey Trial Day 60: Judge Raises Question of Partial Verdict
After asking if he should ask jurors if they have reached a partial verdict, a judge in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial also gave lawyers in the case a draft question on charging the jury, to see if jurors have reached a decision on any count or decision.

Dewey Trial Day 59: Jury, Seeking Consensus, Queries More Charges
At the end of the ninth full day of deliberations in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial, jurors asked a judge to reread a conspiracy charge, a sign that they could be making progress toward a verdict.

Dewey Trial Day 58: At Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial, More Questions Than Answers
The jury weighing criminal charges against three Dewey & LeBoeuf executives continued to show signs of confusion and possibly division Tuesday, asking a New York judge to explain the definition of “deliberation” and their role as jurors.

Dewey Trial Day 57: Jury Wavers as Deliberations Stretch On
Jurors showed signs Monday that they were straining to understand their obligations, much less to reach a consensus regarding the guilt of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf leaders.

Dewey & LeBoeuf: 10 Lessons Lost
The Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial has obscured the most important lessons to be learned from the firm’s collapse.

Dewey Trial Day 56: Dewey & LeBoeuf Jury Enters Second Week of Deliberations
After more than a week of deliberations, jurors in the criminal trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives left a New York courthouse Friday without a verdict.

Dewey Trial Day 55: More Questions, Still No Answers From Jury
Jurors in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial finished their fifth full day of deliberations, with no verdict yet in sight.

Dewey Trial Day 54: Jury Looks For Answers as Deliberations Continue
Do “false” and “inappropriate” equal “illegal” in the case against Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders? The short answer, a judge said Tuesday, is no.

Dewey Trial Day 53: Jury Wades Through More Evidence
Jurors deliberating in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial are hunkering down with a growing mass of documents, including every single email that the prosecution has submitted into evidence.

If Convicted, Grim Future Awaits Dewey & LeBoeuf Fomer’s Leaders
Even for white-collar defendants, New York state’s labyrinthine penal system offers plenty to dread.

Dewey Trial Day 52: Jury Sifts Through Evidence, Ponders Reasonable Doubt
On their second full day of deliberations, jurors in the trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives were given hundreds of documents to review. They also asked a question about reasonable doubt.

Dewey Trial Day 51: Jury Requests Transcripts, Exhibits and Review of Charges
In its first full day of deliberations, a jury weighing criminal charges against three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives asked a judge to review the criteria required for conviction and to provide testimony from star prosecution witness Francis Canellas.

Decision Time in the Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial
After more than three months of trial, jurors in the case against Dewey & LeBoeuf’s leaders have a lot to remember as they prepare to begin deliberations. Here are some of the moments they’re least likely to forget.

Dewey Trial Day 50: Jury Begins Deliberations in Dewey & LeBoeuf Criminal Trial
Prosecutors finally finished their pitch to the jury on Wednesday, leaving the fate of Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders in the hands of a group of regular New Yorkers.

Dewey Trial Day 49: Prosecutors Say Dewey Crimes Began with Top Leaders
As summations continued, a prosecutor told jurors that Dewey & LeBoeuf’s leaders drafted lower level employees to do their dirty work.

Dewey Trial Day 48: Accusations Fly as Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial Nears End
Who’s lying in the Dewey criminal trial? As the jury gets close to deliberating, both sides spent a day pointing fingers.

Dewey Trial Day 47: Dewey & LeBoeuf Exec Had ‘No Motive’ to Defraud, Jury Hears
Thin evidence and a lack of any motive fatally undermines the criminal case against former Dewey & LeBoeuf executive director Stephen DiCarmine, jurors heard Wednesday.

Dewey Trial Day 46: Jury Hears Final Plea to Exonerate Dewey & LeBoeuf Chairman
In their closing statements, defense attorneys for former Dewey & LeBoeuf chairman Steven Davis and executive director Stephen DiCarmine told jurors that the prosecution had failed to make its case.

Dewey & LeBoeuf Defense Rests as Prosecutors Mull Shedding Charges
Defense attorneys for three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives said Thursday that they would rest their case next week, sending the high-profile criminal trial to a jury earlier than expected. New York prosecutors could drop 47 charges against the defendants.

Despite Dismissal Arguments, Judge Says Dewey & LeBoeuf Case Going to Jury
Lawyers for three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives sought to have a criminal case against their clients dismissed Tuesday, but a New York judge said the case would go to a jury, hopefully by mid-September.

Will Dewey & LeBoeuf Defendants Take the Stand?
With prosecutors in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial having rested their case, lawyers for the firm’s former leaders will have to decide whether their clients should testify.

Dewey Trial Day 45: Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf Leaders Move to Toss Charges as Prosecution Rests
Lawyers for Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders say the state failed to provide enough proof to convict their clients.

Dewey Trial Day 44: Jury Hears Conflicting Views of Dewey & LeBoeuf Accounting
As they prepare to rest their case, prosecutors in a criminal trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives called to the stand a forensic accounting consultant who testified that accounting adjustments each year lifted net income by tens of millions of dollars.

Dewey Trial Day 43: Lawyers Spar Over Cause of Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Demise
Jurors in a New York criminal court were presented Tuesday with conflicting stories about the timing and circumstances that led to the downfall of Dewey & LeBoeuf during the testimony of Janis Meyer, the firm’s former general counsel.

Dewey Trial Day 42: Defense Claims General Counsel Kept Mum as Firm Wooed Investors
Defense attorneys chipped away Monday at potentially damaging testimony by former Dewey & LeBoeuf general counsel Janis Meyer, casting her as an insider who failed to share material information with investors in a firm bond offering when she had the chance.

Neither Side Likely to Call Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf COO as Witness
Although Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former COO Dennis D’Alessandro has been extensively cited at trial of the firm’s former top executives, the Long Island native won’t be taking the witness stand.

Dewey Trial Day 41: Ex-General Counsel Testifies About Defunct Firm’s Accounting
Janis Meyer, a former general counsel at Dewey & LeBoeuf and current professional ethics and responsibility partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson in New York, testified in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial Thursday along with a forensic and dispute services expert from Alvarez & Marsal.

Dewey Trial Day 40: Bank Executive Describes Pulling the Plug on Dewey & LeBoeuf Loans
As the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial continues, a senior vice president for Wachovia’s legal banking business chronicled the bank’s decision to end its lending relationship with the now-defunct Am Law 100 firm in 2010.

Dewey Trial Day 39: Witness Says She Never Intended to Defraud
A cooperating witness testified Tuesday that she didn’t believe the accounting adjustments she made at Dewey & LeBoeuf were fraudulent. Plus: Lawyers argue over stickers and jurors learn about a dog named Fluffy.

Dewey Trial Day 38: Defense Grills Key Witness as State’s Case Winds Down
As New York prosecutors enter the last full week of their case in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial, a former subordinate of the now-defunct firm’s ex-CFO Joel Sanders told jurors of false book entries made to financial records.

Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial Associates Get A Crash Course in Law Firm Disaster
For the associates helping to defend Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders, the ongoing criminal trial in New York has been an eye-opener.

Dewey Trial Day 37: Witness Says She Helped Stifle Alarms Over Accounting
The director of revenue support at now-defunct Dewey & LeBoeuf testified Thursday that many at the firm questioned her about what she now says were false accounting adjustments.

Dewey Trial Day 36: Ex-Revenue Exec Says She Falsified Firm Records
Cooperating witness Dianne Cascino told jurors in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial that she improperly manipulated accounting records while at the firm.

Dewey Trial Day 35: Defense Says COO, Not Defendants, Responsible for Unpaid Loans
The finger pointing continued in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial, after a former partner testified that Dewey had failed to make promised bank loan repayments and left him holding the bag.

Dewey Trial Day 34: Billing Chief Says Ex-CFO Sanders Ordered Bogus Invoices
Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former billing chief testified that one of the firm’s top executives, ex-CFO Joel Sanders, had instructed her to prepare client invoices aimed at artificially inflating the firm’s revenues.

Judge in Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial Known for Fairness, Thoughtfulness
It’s no coincidence that the criminal case against three former Dewey & LeBeouf executives was assigned to Acting Supreme Court Justice Robert Stolz.

Intent, Not Accounting, May Be Key to Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial
In the end, it may not matter how Dewey & LeBeouf was allegedly fudging its financial numbers. What matters is the Who—and the Why.

Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial on Hiatus Because of Sick Juror
The ongoing criminal trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives paused for three days due to health situations for a juror and family member.

Dewey Trial Day 33: Former Billing Chief Tells Jury That Firm Fudged Invoices
Together with her fiancé Francis Canellas, Lourdes Rodriguez is part of Manhattan prosecutors’ power couple in the case against Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders.

Dewey Trial Day 32: Three Witnesses Testify to Financial and Accounting Practices
Among those called to the stand in the trial of three Dewey & LeBoeuf executives were an assistant to a former rainmaker, an ex-partner from predecessor Dewey Ballantine and a banker who oversaw HSBC’s $10 million loan to the now-defunct firm.

Dewey Trial Day 31: Katten Partner Takes Stand at Dewey & LeBoeuf Trial
Howard Schickler, a former structured finance partner at Dewey & LeBoeuf, said he left the firm in late 2010 for Katten Muchin Rosenman with 12 other lawyers because he did not receive the compensation he was promised.

Dewey Trial Day 30: Ex-Manager Details Firm’s False Accounting Entries
Jyhjing “Victoria” Harrington, a former accounting manager at Dewey & LeBoeuf, testified Monday that she and others in the finance department at the now-defunct firm falsified financial statements by making illegitimate entries at the end of each fiscal year between 2008 and 2011.

Dewey Trial Day 29: Defense Lawyer Nixes Insurance Testimony About Firm’s Health
An insurance executive testified Thursday that Dewey & LeBoeuf’s management assured him of the firm’s fiscal health ahead of a $40 million loan in 2010. But a defense lawyer for Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leader successfully dismissed that evidence against his client.

Dewey Trial Day 28: Proseuction Speeds Head Ahead After Key Witness Testifies
With the prosecution’s case moving faster than expected, counsel for three defendants in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial used the last day of testimony by the defunct firm’s former finance director to cast doubt on the witness.

Dewey Trial Day 27: Key Witness Chokes Up As Prosecutors Double Down
Former Dewey & LeBoeuf finance director Francis Canellas told prosecutors Tuesday that telling the truth about the firm’s demise would let him “look myself in the mirror every day for the rest of my life.”

Dewey Trial Day 26: Defense Lawyer Says Ex-Firm Chair Unaware of False Accounting
A defense lawyer for former Dewey & LeBoeuf chairman Steven Davis spent Monday challenging the statement of former finance director Francis Canellas, whose testimony last week suggested that Davis knew about allegedly improper accounting adjustments at the now-defunct firm.

Dewey Trial Day 25: Defense Gets Turn to Grill Former Finance Director
Defense lawyers in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial worked to undermine three days of witness testimony that appeared to link the firm’s former executives to the alleged accounting fraud at the heart of the prosecution’s case.

Dewey Trial Day 24: Witness, Emails Suggest Firm Executives Knew of Bogus Accounting
Prosecutors in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial continued to try to link the firm’s former executives to allegedly illegal accounting tricks.

Dewey Trial Day 23: Jury Sees ‘Fake Income’ Email in Trial of Executives
Jurors in the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial heard more evidence Tuesday that the defunct firm’s former leaders used allegedly illegal accounting tricks to mask financial shortfalls, including an internal email that described $25 million as “fake income.”

Dewey Trial Day 22: Star Witness Takes Stand in Dewey & LeBoeuf Criminal Trial
After a one week break, the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial resumes with Frank Canellas, the firm’s former finance director, testifying that he met with the now-defunct firm’s ex-CFO in 2008 to come up with accounting adjustments that could mask a looming shortfall with lenders.

For Dewey & LeBoeuf Prosecutors, A Long Road Ahead
As the Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal trial enters its seventh week, it’s far too early to say who has the upper hand. But the contours of the case are coming into sharper focus—as are the challenges that prosecutors must overcome if they hope to win over the jury.

With No End in Sight, Dewey & LeBoeuf Jury Soldiers On
Six weeks into the criminal trial over Dewey & LeBoeuf’s allegedly fraud-fueled demise, the jury’s ordeal is just beginning.

The Dewey Trial: Four Examples of Not-So-Funny Comic Relief
Every trial has entertaining moments. You just have to recognize humor when you see it.

Dewey Trial Day 21: Defense Lawyers Argue Accounting Adjustments Were Proper
A former Dewey & LeBoeuf budget director cooperating with the New York County District Attorney’s Office in its prosecution of three former firm leaders conceded during cross-examination Wednesday that some accounting adjustments are legitimate.

Dewey Trial Day 20: Former Dewey Controller Testifies to Falsifying Records
Ilya Alter, a former director of budgeting and planning at Dewey & LeBoeuf, admitted in testimony Tuesday in the criminal trial of three former firm executives that he helped falsify accounting records at the now-defunct firm. Alter is one of seven former Dewey & LeBoeuf employees who have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Dewey Trial Day 19: Former Dewey Senior Partner Says Probe News Scuttled Merger Deal
Defense lawyers for three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives had some tough questions during their cross-examination of a former executive committee member from the now-defunct firm.

Dewey Trial Day 18: Ex-Finance Partner Recalls Fateful 2010 Bond Offering
Richard Shutran, the former co-head of Dewey & LeBoeuf’s finance department who took the lead on a $150 million private placement by the firm, testified Thursday that he was never in the loop about its shaky financial situation.

Dewey Trial Day 17: Defense Digs Deeper Into Emails Between Ex-Partners
The defense counsel for three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives accused of fraud and other crimes further dissected emails that were sent between partners on the executive committee of legacy firm LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae.

Dewey Trial Day 16: Infighting and a Power Struggle Presaged Firm’s Creation
Inflammatory emails between executive committee members at legacy firm LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae were shown to the jury during the criminal trial of three former firm executives who went on to to top roles at Dewey & LeBoeuf, the Am Law 100 firm formed through a 2007 merger with Dewey Ballantine that filed for bankruptcy five years later.

Dewey Trial Day 15: Ex-Vice Chair Says Dewey Partners Asked to Forgo Half of Salary
The ongoing testimony of Ralph Ferrara, a salaried partner and former rainmaker at Dewey & LeBoeuf, painted a picture of the firm’s downfall that seemed sympathetic to the defense. Ferrara said the decision of certain key partners to leave the firm as they became aware of its grim finances contributed to its eventual bankruptcy. A former Ernst & Young auditor also took the stand.

Dewey Trial Day 14: Former Rainmaker Praises Bankrupt Firm’s Leaders
Three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives facing fraud and conspiracy charges got an unexpected lift late Thursday when a former partner glowingly extolled their work ethic and professional character. Ralph Ferrara, a veteran securities litigator, also described the lucrative payday he once received to join predecessor firm LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae.

Dewey Trial Day 13: Ex-Employee Says Most Partners Didn’t Question Backdated Checks
Former client relations manager Suzanna Sanchez testified Wednesday that Dewey & LeBoeuf partners knew she was asking for backdated checks in order to meet year-end collections targets and didn’t question the activity. An email exchange between Sanchez and John Altorelli, a high-profile former Dewey & LeBoeuf partner, also caught the attention of jurors.

Dewey Trial Day 12: Former Client Manager Says Firm Missed Collections Target
Suzanna Sanchez, a former client relations and collections manager, testified that Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders instructed partners to ask clients in January 2010 to backdate checks for matters to the previous month so the struggling firm could book them as 2009 collections.

Dewey Trial Day 11: Witness Says He Falsely Reclassified Money for Firm’s Chairman
David Rodriguez, a former Dewey & LeBoeuf partner relationship specialist, testified Monday that he reclassified disbursements made to departed partners, of counsel and notably, Steven Davis, chairman of the now-defunct firm. But defense lawyers suggested such accounting maneuvers were perfectly legal.

Dewey Trial Day 10: Defense Lawyers Drill Down On Cooperator
An attorney for Joel Sanders, Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former CFO, struck back hard at the prosecution’s most damaging witness to date in Thomas Mullikin, the third-ranking finance department manager of the now-defunct firm, who pleaded guilty to a lesser criminal charge in 2014.

Dewey Trial Day 9: Ex-Controller Admits to Making False Financial Adjustments
Thomas Mullikin, a former key financial manager at Dewey & LeBoeuf, told a jury in the criminal trial of three former firm executives that he and others made false adjustments to accounting records in order to inflate net income. Mullikin testified that this was done at the start of 2009 to avoid breaking agreements that the firm had with its lenders.

Dewey Trial Day 8: Prosecutors Claim Defendants Lied to Defunct Firm’s Lenders
Prosecutors in the criminal trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives for the first time Tuesday presented evidence that suggested the defendants lied to their bankers about how the now-defunct firm spent the money it received from lenders.

Dewey Trial Day 7: As Jurors Fight Drowsiness, Bank Executive Takes Stand
Richard Walden, a senior executive in the private bank capital advisory group at JPMorgan Chase, testified about bank loans that Dewey & LeBoeuf received in the years prior to its May 2012 collapse. Details also emerged about the personal ties one lead defense lawyer in the case has to the now-defunct firm.

Dewey Trial Day 6: Two More Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf Partners Say Firm Cut Corners
Deirdre Johnson and Fred Reinke—two former Dewey & LeBoeuf insurance partners now at Crowell & Moring and Mayer Brown, respectively—testified Wednesday that the now-defunct firm fudged already opaque financial data. Another witness, an accountant from PricewaterhouseCoopers, then told jurors about lucrative guaranteed pay deals for firm partners.

Dewey Trial Day 5: Defense Puts Hooks Into Ex-Partner on Cross-Examination
Elkan Abramowitz, a lawyer for Dewey & LeBoeuf chairman Steven Davis, got aggressive during his questioning of former firm tax partner John Salmon. Abramowitz sought to dispel the notion put forth by prosecutors that Dewey & LeBoeuf’s executives did not provide partners with financial information about the now-defunct firm as it struggled to remain profitable during the recession.

Dewey Trial Day 4: Defense Lawyers Say Lucrative Pay Deals Justified
As the second week of testimony in the criminal fraud trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives began, defense lawyers attempted to put the most damaging evidence introduced by prosecutors into a context more favorable to their clients.

Dewey Trial Day 3: Former Partner Says Firm Heads Hid Financial Concerns
Prosecutors found their groove for the first time in their questioning of Jane Boisseau, a well-liked retired partner from Dewey & LeBoeuf, who once co-chaired the now-defunct firm’s insurance regulatory group. But defense lawyers for a trio of former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives sought to poke holes in Boisseau’s testimony.

Dewey Trial Day 2: A CFO’s Defense and First Witnesses
The second day in the criminal trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf leaders began with the attorney for former CFO Joel Sanders telling jurors that his client worked hard to keep the now-defunct firm afloat, but did nothing illegal. The final opening statement came before the prosecution called its first witnesses—two accountants and former Dewey & LeBoeuf executive committee member Jane Boisseau.

Dewey Trial Day 1: Opening Arguments
Jurors in a New York state court heard radically different versions of the alleged roles of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf executives facing criminal fraud charges related to the firm’s 2012 collapse. Steve Pilnyak, an assistant district attorney, made the prosecution’s opening statement and indicated that his office will rely heavily on testimony from seven cooperating witnesses who have all pleaded guilty, as well as emails between the defendants.

Dewey’s Day in Court
Fourteen months after their indictment and three years after their firm failed, three former Dewey & LeBoeuf leaders will face a state court jury in Manhattan Tuesday morning.

The Indictment
All three defendants are charged with 106 counts, including a fraud, a conspiracy and a Martin Act charge; 15 grand larceny charges related to the individual bank lenders and the insurance companies who invested in the debt offering; and 44 counts of falsifying business records alleging specific accounting misdeeds that acted to inflate revenues, reducing expenses or misclassifying partner disbursements.

The Main Players
A rundown of the key figures in the Dewey trial.

Timeline of Key Events
A look at the major developments leading up to Tuesday’s opening arguments.

The Dewey Docket
The criminal trial is far from the only litigation to stem from Dewey’s dramatic demise. Here are the other chief ongoing disputes.


Jury Pool Whittled to Final 20
A pool of close to 1,000 New Yorkers has been culled to a group of 12 jurors and eight alternates who will sit for the trial of now-defunct Dewey & LeBoeuf’s former leaders.

Jury Selection Begins in Dewey Trial
One of the most highly anticipated trials in the legal industry began with over 100 potential jurors filling out questionnaires to determine whether they can sit for what’s expected to be a lengthy proceeding.

Bermuda Insurer Could Crimp Dewey Defense Costs
The ex-leaders of Dewey & LeBoeuf facing criminal trial have momentarily turned their attention away from prosecutors in New York and are attacking an insurance carrier in Bermuda who threatened to pull the plug on their legal fees.


Dewey Drama: Indictments, Arraignments and More
Following a nearly two-year investigation that began as Dewey & LeBoeuf spiraled toward death, its former chairman, Steven Davis; its former executive director, Stephen DiCarmine; and its ex–chief financial officer, Joel Sanders, were accused of “concocting and overseeing a massive effort to cook the books” at the firm.

House of Cards
Although the demise of Dewey & LeBoeuf—the biggest failure of a U.S. law firm ever—unfolded over just a few dramatic months this spring, the reasons behind it were years in the making.

Dewey Files for Bankruptcy Protection
The move ended weeks of speculation as to when and how Dewey & LeBoeuf—buried beneath hundreds of millions of dollars of debt and with virtually all of its partners scattered to other firms since the start of the year—would enter its final phase.