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In a recent interactive masterclass Dr. Helena Boschi, a renowned psychologist specializing in neuroscience, explored with global general counsel the impact of the pandemic on our ability to trust and form meaningful relationships. Together members discussed with Boschi what is needed for us all to feel able to recover relationships that we may have lost or to widen our network which may have narrowed in focus over the last 18 months.

Trust is one of those things that is hard to define and even harder to measure but it is an essential element of human interaction and is key for successful and meaningful business relationships. Boschi describes trust as “the bridge that connects the unknown with the known; it is a leap of faith that comes with risk.”

The Impact of Isolationism  

According to Boschi, the coronavirus health pandemic will certainly have impacted our ability to trust others, and people are understandably nervous about returning to a heavily populated workplace. The world is moving in the wrong direction when it comes to trust, and this has only been emphasized by the coronavirus health pandemic. In August 2020, France conducted a large-scale study that explored what it called the ‘Funneling Effect,’ whereby relationships have narrowed in focus but have also become more intense.

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