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“Leading with Influence” is a new research study Global Leaders in Law has completed in partnership with MoFo and Lazarus & Maverick, aimed at helping you, our global GC community, lead and thrive as you juggle increasingly complex roles, in uncertain times.

In a recent webinar in our Leading with Influence series,  Alex Lazaurs a behaviour change scientist and CEO of Lazarus & Maverick, Adrian Gostick the founder of The Culture Works and author of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Leading with Gratitude, and Brad Wine partner at MoFo explore and highlight the most significant areas of development and drivers of change for today’s general counsel.

In the video below, the speakers will discuss the key leadership competencies identified in our Leading with Influence report, namely the importance of working together, being interpersonally astute, and working under pressure. Leaders who demonstrate these qualities are able to create an environment of psychological safety for their teams which in turn supports and creates a culture that embraces change and encourages collaboration. The video offers practical examples of building these competencies to enable high performance in others.

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