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Building The Bridge
Our goal is to give you, the legal adviser, a clear vision for growth and opportunity. As the sister network to Global Leaders in Law, we connect, build and strengthen relationships in the legal community.
Membership Services
Metrics, Data and Insights to Drive Strategic Decision Making Our goal is to give you and your leadership a clear vision for growth and opportunity. There are quarterly and annual check-ins, including member indexes, benchmarking and performance reviews. Providing all the information you need to make sound decisions regarding your business growth, but most importantly being a gold standard partner to your clients.
Team Leadership & Business Training Membership to GLL Advisers includes access to the well-known GLL Mini MBAs at Oxford and Harvard as well as group access to the virtual MBAs. Integral to 2021, Resilience and Wellness tools will be provided to members throughout the year, as well as regular drop ins with Ambassadors who can provide business of law support.
Networking & Business Development Opportunities The leading business development opportunity comes with an invitation to the GLL General Counsel Forum hosted annually in Lake Como. Along with the benefit of networking with existing and new clients, you are able to sponsor your loyal clients to benefit from a complimentary GLL membership offering GCs access to leading events, data and content. Inviting GCs to join the sister network allows us to strengthen the bond between clients with further benefits including thought leadership dinners and online think tanks.
Community Trends Integral to daily planning and client meeting preparation, you will also have access to world-class global editorial content from ALM. In addition, members have access to Corporate Counsel Advance and Lean Adviser.
Since joining GLL I have gained a unbelievable amount of knowledge from some of the best experts in the world – not just in a legal sphere but in the broadest sense which is an rare opportunity in a busy senior role. The network is so well curated and organised. It’s also of immeasurable value to have network of peers outside of your own organisation to turn to both socially and professionally.” Member Since 2018, Fortune 100 GC
GLL events have long been some of the greatest highlights of my professional calendar, most particularly their long-running dinners which are always in an elegant setting with fantastic food, company and a wonderful variety of general counsel guests. They are fantastic private forums for being able to feel relaxed and discuss challenges and shared experiences.” Member Since 2009, Fortune 100 GC
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