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Use of Force

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Steve Ashley is an active law enforcement trainer, risk manager, consultant, author, and expert witness in use-of-force, officer risk, motor vehicle operations, police procedures, and corrections practices cases. Steve's primary area of interest is the use of force and control by police and corrections, with an emphasis on non-lethal control methods and implements.

As an expert, Steve has worked with defense and plaintiff's attorneys and their clients on more than 150 cases, and has testified in both state and federal courts in multiple states. In addition to his 15 years as a full-time, sworn, law enforcement officer, and 12 years as a full-time risk management professional, Steve has been a criminal justice trainer for more than 38 years, and has trained thousands of officers, trainers, and managers. Steve is a prolific author, writing often for both print and on-line publications, and is a frequent, invited presenter at national and international law enforcement conferences.

Education & Licenses

Master Use of Force Instructor (Smith and Wesson Academy)
Master Force and Control Instructor (Police Policy Studies Council)
Associate in Risk Management - Public Entities (Insurance Institute of America)
Graduate of the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program (Law of Self Defense Institute)
Trained and certified as a Force Science Analyst (Force Science Institute)
Trained and certified as a TASER Senior Master Instructor (TASER International)

Bachelor's Degree - Michigan State University
Master's Degree - Michigan State University and
Master's Degree - Eastern Michigan University
Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice & Public Policy at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan.