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Electrical Engineering

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Board Certified in Forensic Engineering

I am a Licensed Professional Electronics Engineer and Expert Witness practicing forensic and technical electrical engineering consulting. My technical engineering practice includes the design, verification, measurement and testing of electronic signal processing hardware circuits and systems, both integrated circuits and electrical modules, which are used for communication and electro-mechanical control. My forensic engineering practice includes forensic investigation, advising, reporting and testimony in matters regarding intellectual property, patents, failure analysis, product liability, product requirements and specifications.

Examples of communication and control systems are:
* Audio amplifiers
* Audio recording/play-back systems
* Telephones, mobile phones, and cell phones
* Voltage regulators and battery chargers
* Data transmitting/receiving systems such as serializer/de-serializers (SERDES)
* Power-management devices including switch-mode power converters
* Data recording/retrieving systems for magnetic media such as disk drives or magnetic tape
* Radio transmitters/receivers and their building blocks such as low noise amplifiers, filters, automatic gain control, oscillators, frequency synthesizers and phase-locked loops, and frequency mixers (down-converters, up-converters)
* Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning controllers
* Traffic light control and emergency preemption systems
* Remote control systems for hobbyist aircraft and vehicles

Education & Licenses

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
Professional Engineer License in EE