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Pat Miller is a Certified Behavior Consultant; Canine, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has worked professionally with animals for 45+ years, starting with horses, then 20 years as a Humane Officer and Director of Operations at the Marin Humane Society, and 25+ years as the owner of Peaceable Paws, where she directs and teaches the Peaceable Paws Dog Trainer Academy program and offers dog training and behavior consulting services. Her practice specialty is canine aggression and she is also an expert in cat and horse behavior and training, and animal control operations, regulations, and enforcement. She is Training Editor of The Whole Dog Journal, author of seven books on dog behavior and training, past Board Member for the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and past Board President of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She is also a sought-after speaker for conferences and seminars worldwide. Miller has testified in court on many occasions, in animal cruelty, neglect and dangerous dog cases in her role as a Humane Officer, and after that as an expert witness in a variety of animal behavior cases.

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