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At Med Legal Pro we have assembled a team with decades of experience to review your medical records and assist with all aspects of your case to include reviewing your case for merit all the way through testimony at trial.

What we do and how it helps you and your medical legal cases:

We review medical records to seek out the facts within and hidden in the minutiae.

There are many details, often overlooked by anyone not used to specifically deciphering the medical jargon and familiar with the proper procedures and standards of care and the flow of a medical record.

We also have the legal knowledge to summarize the information discovered within the medical record to provide a higher level of medical knowledge and expertise to support your medical cases.

Organizing Medical Records for Trial:

• Review cases for merit

• Determine strengths and weaknesses in a case

• Summarize and analyze medical records to explain causation and damages

• Identify tampering and missing medical records

• Custom organization of the facts to address your specific needs and requirements (chronologis)

Our Attorney’s find having our experts on their team benefits both them and their clients, helping them to close more medical cases, faster and with better compensation.

Medical Case Summary Preparation

Even though many paralegals are capable of medical case summary preparation, perhaps even using software to make the task easier it can still be time-consuming if not frustrating. And the question remains, do you or your paralegal have the medical knowledge to be certain all the right information is considered and included?

Our nurse consultants prepare a comprehensive medical case summary to identify and explain what specifically in the medical history and record is important to your case and why. We also address standards of care, along with any pre-existing conditions that may have an impact on the case.

When you bring MedLegalPro onboard as a part of your medical-legal team, you will not only save time and money, but you will come to find our combined knowledge and expertise helps you settle more cases, for more money, more often.

Expert Witness Location

We have relationships with a dependable network of medical expert witnesses around the country that allows us to identify the best, and most qualified experts to assist and address medical and technical aspects of your cases

When you work with us we can connect you with the very best consulting and/or testifying witnesses based on the specific needs of each case.

Using our medical expertise, together with our understanding of the legal system and processes, we can save you valuable time and money by identifying the right type of expert witness, with the exact qualifications and expertise you need to support your cases.