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Emergency Medicine

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Dr. Matt Brosseit is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, practicing full time at a regional Stroke, STEMI, and Trauma Center. In addition to >10 years of continuous clinical practice, Dr. Brosseit works as Assistant Medical Director of Education--teaching MDs and RNs, reviewing cases, and supervising PAs and NPs.

Dr. Brosseit has presented on topics including: aortic syndromes, concussion, vertigo, obstetric ultrasound, hand injuries, cerebral hemorrhage, and acute coronary syndromes.

As a teacher, Dr. Brosseit is focused on making things as simple as possible. As an expert witness, Dr. Brosseit can be relied upon to provide honest, thoughtful, and easily understandable expert opinions, in a calm and helpful manner.

Specializing in standard of care, Dr. Brosseit is available for case review, deposition, and testimony for both defense and plaintiff.

Education & Licenses

MD/California Medical License