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Dr. Linsey C. Willis has 43 years of experience in the Human Resource management field. Her firm’s services include, test development, coaching for promotional testing, employee training and development, and expert witness services. She is the founder and President of L.J. CRAIG & Associates Inc. and has provided management and organizational consulting services since 1997.

She provides expert witness services for cases in the public and private sectors for employment law and personal injury attorneys. The industries include: agriculture, financial services, health care, pharmaceutical, national retail, security, common carriers, Current Editions and oil. She has also worked on city, county and federal cases.

Dr. Willis has a Doctorate in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University, an M.A. in Forensic Studies from Indiana University and an M.P.A. from Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Willis’ expertise includes cases involving compensation discrimination, gender and race discrimination, negligent hiring, supervision and retention, retaliation and hostile work environment, employee testing, assessment and hiring, defamation and failure to train. She has written/given: 25 reports, 22 depositions, 5 affidavits, 3 rebuttal reports and has testified in court twice.

Dr. Willis has assisted many law firms to settle cases in their clients' favor.


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The Human Resources Certification Institute of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) certifies Linsey as a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR).