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Accident Analysis

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We work with accidents in the following Specialties:
Products and Equipment
Premises and Property Safety, including Slips, Trips and Falls
Traffic Accidents, including Roadway & Highway Design, Construction and Maintenance
Chemicals, Gases and Materials
Industrial, Commercial and Construction Workplace Accidents
Fires and Explosions involving Equipment and Industrial & Commercial Facilities
Hazardous Combustion, including Combustion Equipment Malfunction, and
-- Combustion Equipment and HVAC Operation causing CO Poisoning

We analyze these accidents using Principles of Engineering and principles of:
Human Factors
Safety Design
Safety Practice
Codes and Standards

Services include:
Investigation of Accident Sites, Facilities and Equipment
Safety Analysis of Equipment and Facilities
Engineering Analysis of Accidents
Accident Reconstruction, including Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Reports and Affidavits
Testimony in Trials, Arbitrations, Hearings and Depositions

Qualifications of James D. Madden, P.E. include:
- Over the last 30 years working as a Forensic Engineer

- Previous 17 years:

-- Doing Engineering Design of Equipment and Facilities
-- Working in Industrial Operations and Construction Engineering

- As a Forensic Engineer:
-- Writing over 600 Expert Reports and 60 Affidavits
-- Testifying in over 75 Trials, Arbitrations and Hearings, and over 90 Depositions

- With Credentials and Education Including:
- Professional Engineers' license (P.E.)
- A complete set of courses in Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
- Extensive Continuing Education in subject areas of the Forensic Practice
- Bachelor's & Master's Engineering degrees and post-degree coursework in:
-- Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics
-- Physical Sciences and Normal Psychology

A complete Curriculum Vitae is available at the website: or www.

Education & Licenses

Bachelor & Masters Engineering degrees, Professional Engineer (P.E.), Board Certified Diplomate Forensic Engineer (BCDFE)