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Mr. Zatkovich is an eBusiness Director and technology consultant for digital media, media distribution, internet, and network systems. Ivan brings over 30 years' experience in a diverse set of technologies including, Mobile and wireless device applications, audio and video media players, media streaming services, gaming, CAD, DRM, Digital Signal Processing, digital storage including memory, disk, flash, media encoding and decoding including bit rate encoding, data reduced signals and compression, standard media formats including UTI G.711/722, MP3, MPEG4. He has significant experience in developing Magnetic and Optical Video disk players and media drivers, designed and implemented video disk interfaces, digitized audio, text to speech devices, developed digital voice and multimedia communications, streaming media with high speed ISDN & FDDI, and video conferencing using H.320 standards over T1 / ISDN. ISO and ANSI Committee member for Disk and Media format standards. Mr. Zatkovich has designed and developed applications (software and hardware integration) for Audio, Video and other Media distribution and eCommerce solutions, including automating web publishing & content distribution, implementing online video streaming, and developing a music purchase systems.  For this technology I have developed systems and consulted with Barnes & Nobel,, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Verizon and McGraw-Hill.

Mr. Zatkovich has successfully consulted for companies such as Verizon, Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Fifth Third Bank, Capitol One, McGraw-Hill and Facebook. Ivan has been expert for over 60 cases including digital media and internet contract disputes, trade secrets and patent litigation. This includes testifying in a mobile communication suit in South Africa where the judge found for his client and cited Mr. Zatkovich on all 36 points of contention in the case. Mr. Zatkovich's expert infringement analysis also contributed to the $35 million settlement results for I2 against Oracle in a network transaction patent litigation.

Education & Licenses

B.S. Computer Science, 1980, University of Pittsburgh. Minor in E.E. digital circuit design; Master's study and thesis in Computer Networks, Results published in Byte Magazine.